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Step out of your daily life, regain space and check-in with yourself.


Recura is one of our recharging programs. “Cura” means healing in Papiamentu, the official language of Curaçao.

“Cura” is exactly what this retreat is about. By participating in this 15-days retreat program, you will start your process of healing and taking care of yourself. The main focus of the Recura program is healing your body and mind.

The Recura meditations will help you to get to the core of your being. In combination with the individual sessions, you can dive into what is important to you. Relax through quiet walks in nature, wonderful massages and lay down at the beautiful beaches of Curaçao.

“By stepping out of your daily life, you regain space to check in with yourself”.

Discover YOU

Recura takes place on Curaçao, a beautiful island. It is an island in the Caribbean well known for its beautiful white beaches and colorful houses. What makes Curaçao unique is the combination of different cultures. You can taste it in the food, smell it in the wind and experience it yourself.

Curaçao is the perfect place to discover your inner voice. Walk in silence in the forest or on the coast of the island. By doing massages, meditation and yoga exercises, you can connect with your body and soul. Healing and reconnecting with yourself is a process that we want to guide you through. You will have individual and group therapy sessions. You will stay at a nice accommodation near one of the beaches where you can relax and take a break from the daily stuff. My Beautifull Journey works together with many different accommodations that differ per period and journey. We guarantee that you don’t have to worry about anything and that you will be pampered to the fullest!

“We want to invite you to lay back, take a break and take time for yourself”.

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A deeper connection with yourself and your mission. Insights into important life questions.


The decisiveness to make choices on all surfaces of your life.


More control over your life, even when it is exciting and complex.


Healing in your own progress.


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1 x Massage

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1 x Individual therapie session

Yoga/Meditation/Breathing classes

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5 x Group sessions

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1 x Full moon ceremony

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Chichi workshop

Chichi means ‘big sister’ in Papiamentu the language of Curaçao. It represents the family’s eldest daughter, who brings the family together in a loving and caring way. During this walk-in workshop, you will learn about the Chichi production process, among other things. You will also be painting your very own Chichi. Painting activates different parts of your brain, making all those bothersome ideas go away.

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Klein Curaçao

Klein Curaçao (Little Curaçao) is an uninhabited island located east of Curaçao. You can discover the lighthouse and old ship wrecks, swim and snorkel.

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A good massage will improve your health. Massages reduce stress and increase relaxation. It also reduces pain, muscle soreness and tension. The relaxation massages are given by a well-known herbalist in Sao Tomé & Principe. His name is Pindo. He and his team provide wonderful massages from head to toe. The masseur uses herbs and plants from Sao Tomé & Principe to help you release energy and pain out of your body that no longer serves you. In addition, you can book various traditional herbal massages on request.

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Individual Meditation session

Becoming aware of how the body feels through meditation is a good start of the day. MBJ provides a daily group meditation where we take time to dig in deeper into your personal needs. Our teacher has been trained to give guidance that you need in the individual sessions.

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Yoga/Meditation/Breathing Classes

These classes are a combination of working on your body, mind and breathing. Our teacher will guide you with more developed movements composed of focus and breathing, pushing the body to new forms in a controlled manner. A combination of yoga and meditation will set the tone of being present in the moment and ending with a meditation of gratitude. Everybody on all levels, beginner to expert, are welcomed to participate and are empowered to experience the classes.

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Group Therapy session

The group session consists of a maximum of 10 people. During these sessions, you will be given assignments that you can work on individually later. These practices teach you to gain more about your blockages, get the tools to make a change and celebrate your transformation.

Silent walks

The ability to silence ourselves brings many benefits. Experience a profound connection with your thoughts and be able to listen to and organize them. By being aware of your thoughts you can prevent a lot of stress by transforming them into positive thoughts. During the Back to the Basic program you are able to walk in silence under the guidance of the therapist in the untouched nature of Sao Tomé & Principe.

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Individual Therapy session

During the individual therapy sessions you will take a look at your goals, blockages and limiting thoughts. You will have 4 sessions with our therapist.

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full moon ceremony

The full moon ritual is a positive energetic ceremony. We will tune into nature and start with meditation and try to connect with our inner selves. Leaving all negative energy behind and begin a new period by setting your good personal intentions for new cycles.