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São Tomé & Principe

The title of the program says it all. Live in the now and focus on the true YOU.

Back to Basic

The title of the program says it all. Due to the hectic of everyday life, there is less opportunity to relax and see the value in the simple things that don’t matter in the end.

Our Back to Basic program offers you a unique experience where you can become one with yourself. Instead of being concerned with complicated details, you will focus on the more important things; relaxation and peace within yourself. Back to Basic will make an urgent appeal to you for living in the present. Realize that life is less complicated than you think, and that you can find happiness and peace in very simple and small things.

It’s a journey where you can relax and refuel. During this unique and fully catered retreat, there is enough free time to do what feels good for you. In addition to massages, meditation, and yoga, there is time to discover and develop yourself through nature walks, reading books, individual therapy sessions and enjoying the São Tomean culture.


The Back to Basic adventure takes place in São Tomé & Principe, an island located in Africa. This program is extra special by the fact that São Tomé & Principe is near the equator. A journey filled with blue water, beautiful nature and exotic cultures. Consuming natural products offered by this island allows you to detox your body and soul. As part of this trip, we will be focusing on yoga, meditation, and especially self-reflection.

The accommodations offered by My Beautifull Journey vary by period and journey. Don’t worry about anything. You will be pampered to the fullest!


Combining these two will help you find peace and focus more on yourself.


During this trip, we will have different yoga classes taught by our instructor. Here, we explore how to relax and connect the body and mind.

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Meditation will help you eliminate the jumble of thoughts crowding your mind and creating stress. Breathe, relax, and focus on yourself.

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A deeper connection with yourself and your mission.


The decisiveness to make choices on all surfaces of your life.


More control over your life, even when it is exciting and complex.


Trust in your intuition and a better connection with your environment.


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1 x Massage

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1 x Individual therapie session

Yoga/Meditation/Breathing classes

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5 x Group sessions

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1 x Full moon ceremony

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A good massage will improve your health. Massages reduce stress and increase relaxation. It also reduces pain, muscle soreness and tension.  In São Tomé & Principe, a herbalist provides relaxation massages. His name is Pindo. He and his team provide wonderful massages from head to toe. The masseur uses herbs and plants from São Tomé & Principe to help you release energy and pain out of your body that no longer serves you. In addition, you can book various traditional herbal massages on request.

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Individual Meditation Session

Through meditation, we can become aware of how our bodies feel. MBJ provides a daily group meditation where we take time to dig in deeper into your personal needs. Our teacher will help you with any need.

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Yoga/Meditation/Breathing classes

These classes are about breathing, meditation and yoga. Our teacher will guide you with more developed movements that are composed of focus and breathing. Everyone is welcome to participate and to experience the classes.

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Group Therapy session

The group session consists of a maximum of 10 people. During these sessions, you will be given assignments that you can work on individually later. These practices teach you to gain more about your blockages, get the tools to make a change, and celebrate your transformation.

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Silent walks

The ability to silence ourselves brings many benefits. Experience a profound connection with your thoughts and be able to listen to and organize them. By being aware of your thoughts, you can prevent a lot of stress by transforming them into positive thoughts. During the Back to the Basic program, you are able to walk in silence under the guidance of the therapist in the untouched nature of São Tomé & Principe.

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Individual therapy session

During the individual therapy sessions you will take a look at your goals, blockages and limiting thoughts. You will have 4 sessions with our therapist.

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full moon ceremony

The full moon ritual is a positive energetic ceremony. We will tune into nature and start with meditation and try to connect with our inner selves. Start a new period and keep your negative energy aside.