Our retreats

A retreat will give you the opportunity to completely relax and leave everyday life behind. Read more information about our offer.


A retreat means withdrawing to test oneself. The purpose of this trip is to reflect on yourself and come home with new ideas. Today, this usually takes place in a posh setting, but it can also take place in a more intimate setting. There are many reasons to go on a retreat. For example, some people need inner peace. This could be due to stress at work, a sense of responsibility, or pressure from society about how they should be in life. Therefore daily mediation and getting out of your comfort zone are also concepts that come to mind when thinking about a retreat.

My Beautifull Journey provides retreats to São Tomé & Principe and soon Curaçao. Our retreats focus on healthy food, meditation and yoga. Most importantly during this journey you will find the ‘true me’. Our programs give you an experience that invites you to feel, reflect, wonder and certainly explore the journey of yourself which is filled with BEAUTY. A retreat is about the present moment, taking away all the distractions and coming back to the basics of authentic living. As we navigate the frenzy of human existence, how can we consider the simple bliss of breathing and being? How do you know what you’re going through without actually living it? My Beautifull Journey will help you to withdraw and reflect on yourself. After our retreat you will have a different picture of yourself; the true you!

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After our retreats you have answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I?

  • How can I bring joy to me?

  • Is there something I strive for?

  • What are my values, beliefs and boundaries?

  • What helps me relax?


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Get to know the real “YOU’

The name of the program says it all. Our back to basic program offers you a unique experience where you can become one with yourself. Read more about São Tomé & Principe.


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Relax and recharge

Our recharging program Recura will start your process of healing and really taking care of yourself. Focus on the body and the mind.